About Us...

Auto Repair In Westminster CA MD Automotive

It's all about people and service...
MD Automotive has been providing excellence in imported auto service, repair and racing for over 20 years. The shop's lineage traces directly to it being the original Jackson Racing Service Center. Mark DiBella is the current owner and was Jackson Racing's lead mechanic for both the shop and track teams.

Customer service
Rates are affordable and customers have little fear of being 'upsold' work. The shop focuses on NEEDED service. A personal phone call to the customer on status of work is normal and working to make drop-off and pick-up easy is all part of a day's work.

Core business
Routine maintenance and repair of Hondas, Mazdas and Toyotas are the core of the shop's business. All makes are welcome. Mark's experience as part of the Jackson Racing race team and testing program staff give him unparalleled insight into what makes these cars tick. Mark has been engaged in the industry starting with growing up around his dad's 76 station, through work as a technician, manager, crew chief and driver.

Support of club racing and enthusiasts
Prepping a car for the track and having the piece-of-mind the work is done correctly makes a track weekend a lot less stressful. Working with a shop with years of competition experience and component design and testing is an even bigger bonus.